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The more familiar we become with something the easier it becomes to accept it. Happiness is not found in another person, it is found in Christ. If you’re miserable with your life and you think falling in love and getting married is going to fix it, you need to think again. Both marriage and singleness are important to accomplishing God’s purposes for His children.

Marriage is not a game; it’s not a pastime; it’s a big deal.

You may not be ready to take that leap of faith, but perhaps I can help you take a baby step of faith.

Before you can be happily married or committed you need to discover how to be happily single and to do that you must understand and accept the circumstances that surround singleness.

We throw it around on Facebook like it’s a hot potato. It’s a love that we only experience through our connection with the Holy Spirit.

In the Greek there are several different words that translate into “love”. We can only share agape when we are yielded to the spirit.

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