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Some of us are even the first to go to university out of all of our family and relatives.A lot of us have also steadily and somewhat successfully climbed the career ladder.I tried to dodge and run away from any relatives who had that inquisitive look in their eyes when approaching me. In other words, what they wanted to grill me about. Everybody needs a best friend like that – someone who can bring you back down to earth and reality.I learnt my lesson at the first wedding where a relative, quite bluntly and harshly, asked me, ‘Aren’t you ashamed? Anyway, the takeaway from this story is that nothing has changed, but a lot has changed.If you’re older and unmarried, then surely there must be something wrong with you, otherwise why wouldn’t you get married first?It’s different for guys, if they have younger siblings, especially sisters, it’s fairly normal and acceptable for them to get married off first.

I don’t feel stressed about it like I did before though, but it’s obviously something that’s always at the back of my mind. I just turned around and said no I’m not, and that if it’s a problem, then I won’t bother turning up to the next one. Just like I’ve explained in previous posts, I’m not against marriage. But I had to sort out other aspects of my life first before even thinking about it. And yes, I know I’m getting old and that I should get a move on. My best friend always helps me put things into perspective though.I’m working towards being happy and content with myself first, before looking for a partner in crime.I’ve been quiet for a while, so apologies for that.Over the last year, several relatives and family friends have got married. It’s easy to sit here and dwell on all the lost opportunities and cry over the fact that I haven’t achieved anything.I had to attend two weddings as they were of my cousins, otherwise no one would’ve seen me anywhere near one of those celebrations. Oh, just the fact that the kid getting married is 5 years younger and that I had the audacity to show my old, unmarried face, without looking embarrassed. But then she snaps me out of it (she’d slap me if she could) and reminds me of all the things that I HAVE achieved and how much I’ve gained from that.

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