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I recently hosted Blind Dating with Books as part of Noted Festival’s Lit Hop, where a Lonely Reader from the audience played to find the book of his or her dreams. Book 1 Setting: New Zealand Themes: good vs evil, heroism, climbing volcanoes, love of jewellery, friendship, long journeys, getting out of your comfort zone, The Great Outdoors Plot notes: Supernatural big brother, communing with trees, etc Book 2 Setting: The Middle East, or a vaguely desert-like place Themes: Salvation, good vs. Big Bang Theory, the size, shape, weight and orbit of the Earth, theory of relativity and quantum physics, the fabric of spacetime, potential deadly meteor strike, Yellowstone supervolcano, global warming; possibly recurring ice ages Book 14 Setting: London Themes: love and romance, self-improvement (? Some of the books the Lonely Reader met included the fine, well-known titles listed here. They may be fiction or non-fiction, for adults or kids. evil, begetting, killing your child, the patriarchy Plot notes: Probably the most famous beginning, major flooding, getting swallowed by a whale, giant vs. ), weight loss Plot notes: Having a crush on your boss, how confusing men are, a time-share scam, awkward dates, culinary disasters Answers 1. For our first outing, we would sit across from each other and ask and answer a list of 36 increasingly personal questions that had been devised by psychologists to foster closeness between perfect strangers like us.Weeks before, the questionnaire had been popularized by a column—published as Valentine's Day and its chocolate sirens hurtled toward the lonely, under the title "To Fall in Love with Anyone, Do This." The author falls for someone she knew a little from work and the climbing gym; the questions, which they went through on their first date, enabled an "accelerated intimacy" because they forced people to "bother to know someone," which would systematically "generate trust."(3)I told Keziah we shouldn't do them. Though that was mostly a ploy to schedule after-dinner drinks. Not just any script—a script of questions so personal that they vacuumed away all the wonderful mystery about her.slingshot, murder via DIY woodworking Book 3 Setting: modern Europe Themes: ancient conspiracies, bad grammar, murder, “symbology” Plot notes: murder in a museum, cryptic clues, famous artworks, historical and scientific inaccuracies Book 4 Setting: Nazi Germany Themes: Survival, friendship, how great books are, hatred/racism, death Plot notes: hiding from Nazis, book burnings, orphanhood, getting whipped (but not in a sexy way) Book 5 Setting: A fruit bowl? Themes: counting, transformation Plot notes: chocolate cake, ice-cream cone, pickle, Swiss cheese, salami, lollipop, cherry pie, sausage, cupcake, a lot of various fruits Book 6 Setting: Old timey England Themes: love, romance, marriage, social inequality Plot notes: boarding school, secret spouse, dead parents, typhus and other old-timey diseases, horse-riding accidents, a proposal from your cousin, arson Book 7 Setting: Northern Europe, present day Themes: murder, justice, challenging stereotypes Plot notes: computer hacking, open marriage, lucrative ghost-writing, Nazi relatives, amateur tattoo artistry, patricide Book 8 Setting: A private island Themes: murder, mystery, survival, justice Plot notes: cyanide poisoning, message in a bottle, confession, life imitates poetry, a marble clock shaped like a bear Book 9 Setting: Old timey England Themes: love, romance, marriage, family Plot notes: snobbery, balls, fever, never-ending marriage proposals, horse riding, the worst brother-in-law Book 10 Setting: Melbourne Themes: love, romance, acceptance, reducing inefficiency Plot notes: very specific menus, ‘affirmative’, cocktails, trip to New York, project work, bicycles, science! But if he's describing himself as an "entrepreneur" and refuses to get more detailed or refers to his job situation as "complicated" instead of being up front, that should be a red flag. Either he's seeing someone else and doesn't want to be spotted out with another woman in his hometown, he doesn't see a future with you and doesn't want you knowing where he lives just so he can keep his distance, or he's basically a hoarder and he doesn't want you to see the state his place is in.

In the spirit of honesty, I select the 5'10" to 6' category, which overshoots Nate.(10) The rest of the page is similarly specific—would you like your date to be slightly mean, slightly kind, moderately kind, or extremely kind?

"Hey, how about for our first date, we grab a bite to eat, and then I [vague reference to oral here]." Chances are slim you are going to be like, "Yeah, dude.

Let's go grab some Frostys and then bang." Socially competent people know to just ask someone out to dinner and then let the banging happen organically.13. There's no shame in being unemployed for a stretch or getting paid under the counter.

Three weeks, two dates, and extensive counseling with a psychologist, a bioanthropologist, and a geneticist later, they found out just what it means to be compatible in the twenty-first century. It's our first real meeting, our first actual date, and before we sit down at a snug two-top in a well-lit restaurant, she greets me at the door with a warm if tentative embrace.

Now: I am not a natural-born hugger, at least not with people I don't know, and so the hug took me by surprise.(2) Not that it should have.

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And to be totally fair, physical chemistry is still important.16. If he talks to you constantly but doesn't meet up, or have social media profiles, or ever want to video chat ... Start doing reverse image searches (and don't forget to flip the image in case he's doing the same thing to throw you off the scent).

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