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Frank, Doc Rio was the King of the 'Short Arm' inspection. Because of his background of expertise and the initial jumping experience I would say that it was another airplane we were trying to document could drop us to a quick recon for the amphibious forces and/or a "special" racer was needed and they need a "quick look" by someone that could present the experience graphically for "special" needs. Fat Rat was not a "Sky King" from airops that had just started as a department. The museum had a paper mannequin of a frogman displayed in the shallow pond at the entrance to the museum on the south side.

Word was out on ST2 that the 'Doc' rather enjoyed Short Arm Inspections Finger Waves. Back in those days the museum grounds was wide open to the public. Johnson for a bid on a bronze statue to replace our paper version,knowing it would hold up much better.

I traveled to Princeton twice during construction to ensure the statue was exactly like the photo. Peirce, whom we were controlled by at the time decided to install a wire fence around the property.

The rubber mold of the original statue is what is being used to reproduce the new naked warrior statues.

In addition to that love for his wife and children, he had a deep and abiding love for his brothers in the SEAL teams and forever had a missing piece in his heart for his fallen teammates.

From: Martin Mapes mailto: [email protected] to: Martin's SEAL Email list Subject: Submarine Lockouts in the 1961-62 We did this this lockout while submerged and under way in 1961 or '62.

Robert Berry The Nick Null Memorial Foundation was started by Nicks Mother Tracy, to honor and celebrate the life of Fallen Soldier Nicholas Heath Null. Nick was born on March 30, 1981 in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

He later graduated from Parkersburg South High School with the class of 1999.

Dave was known by his friends and family as a kind soul who befriended everyone he met.Nick Leaves Behind his widow and his three beautiful young boys.DEVGRU Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician (EWS/SW/aw/FPJ) CPO Nicholas H.Davis and his fellow SEALs started going out on missions with the Bolivians and the DEA, and if questioned where they had been, would make up excuses, such as they were downtown looking for hookers.stash his web gear under the seats of the helicopter to avoid the prying gaze of a US Special Forces warrant officer in their area.

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