Carbon dating hominids

C3 carbon fixation pathway A metabolic pathway, characteristic of many plants, in which, during carbon fixation, 3-phosphoglycerate is the first stable intermediate organic compound into which carbon dioxide is converted (3-phosphoglycerate contains three carbon atoms, hence the name C3). cabbit /CAB-bit/ The alleged offspring of a buck rabbit and a female cat, also known as a rabcat.The initial product of this pathway is an extremely unstable six-carbon intermediate that instantly splits into 3-phosphoglycerate. MORE INFORMATION cabinet of curiosities In Renaissance Europe, a private collection of remarkable or unusual objects, which were typically, but not exclusively of natural origin.cambium /KAM-bee-əm/ The cylinder of undifferentiated embryonic tissue (meristem) that allows the stem of a plant to grow in eye /KAM-er-ə/ An eye with a focusable lens.Cambrian Period (Є) /KAM-bree-ən/ The most ancient (~543 to 488 mya) period of the Paleozoic Era.Geologist Adam Sedgwick based the name on Cambria, which is the Latin name of Wales, where he discovered the first known Cambrian deposits.The thyroid hormone calcitonin reduces, and parathyroid hormone increases, blood calcium levels.calcium carbonate /KAL-see-əm CARB-ə-nate/ A white compound (Ca CO₃) occurring naturally as chalk, limestone, and marble.

calico cat (British: tortoiseshell-and-white cat) /KAL-ə-koe/ A tortoiseshell cat with white spots.c AMP is a "second messenger." That is, it is an signaling molecule that carries a signal of extracellular origin to some site within the cell.Generally, such signals originate from a hormone that is itself too large to enter the cell.canopy /KAN-ə-pee/ The upper level of a forest, composed of the leafy upper branches of the trees. capillaries The microscopic vessels connecting the arterial system with the venous system. Biochemical compounds such as sugars, starches, and, chitin.capillary array An apparatus, composed of an array of gel-filled silica capillaries, used to separate DNA fragments for sequencing. The dorsal section of an exoskeleton or shell in various types of animals, including arthropods such as crustaceans and arachnids, as well as vertebrates such as turtles. They fall into three main classes, monosaccharoses, disaccharoses, and polysaccharoses. All organic compounds contain carbon, together, most commonly, with hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. A radioactive isotope of carbon used in radiocarbon dating.

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