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The prominent Tory backbencher spoke out after Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson vowed to leave ‘no stone unturned’ while scrambling to secure the release of Mrs Zaghari-Ratcliffe.Diplomats are reportedly trying to find a way to get around UN sanctions which have prevented the UK paying the Iranians the fee over a 1970s arms deal.Mr Ratcliffe (pictured with his family) said his wife was horrified at the impact on her daughter: ‘There’s nothing that upsets Nazanin more than the burden that all this is taking on Gabriella, or her daughter being distressed, so it would have been difficult for her too' Mr Ratcliffe said Gabriella, who lives with her maternal grandmother in Tehran, assumes she can’t see her parents because they’re both in jail.When talking to her father, Gabriella asks to see her bed and her Peppa Pig chair when they speak over Skype‘Nazanin’s mother, Gabriella’s grandmother, is her full-time parent in Iran now, and I only speak to her when I can if she’s not too engrossed in something like watching cartoons.Her family have always insisted she was on holiday but the Iranian authorities seized on his comments as a reason to try and increase her sentence.But the impact on Gabriella is really starting to show, her father said, and became apparent when a recent visit to her mother ended unexpectedly.It’s really tough.’Mr Ratcliffe also told how despite being a married father, he's living like a bachelor, while his imprisoned wife worries about him looking after himself. I’m living like a single man, with my wife worrying that I’m cooking dinner and looking after myself.I’ll suddenly realise that I haven’t cooked in a week and that the only time I clean the house is for media visits.‘Our marriage is different now too.

But this was the only way that she knew how to express her feelings.‘There’s nothing that upsets Nazanin more than the burden that all this is taking on Gabriella, or her daughter being distressed, so it would have been difficult for her too.‘When Nazanin called her two days later last Tuesday, she asked if she was going to get to do her colouring in during their visit the next day.

Richard Ratcliffe told Mail Online how the little girl - who lives with her maternal grandmother in Tehran -became increasingly clingy, burst into tears and shouted at the security guard overseeing a recent precious visit.

Gabriella is struggling under the pressure of Nazanin's incarceration - lashing out at a guard after a prison visit was cut short.

The little girl is oblivious to the global attention on her mother's plight or her father's high profile meeting with Boris Johnson to help and try and secure her freedom in time for Christmas.

The Foreign Secretary is now at the heart of the diplomatic struggle after after he appeared to make the situation worse by saying Mrs Zaghari-Ratcliffe was in Iran teaching journalists.

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