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For the mathematically lazy among us, thats thirty-five wins by eight wrestlers. Geeku dryhumped Asa out for his 10th win, and it ought to be interesting to see who they pair him with at Komusubi in Tokyo.Miyabi won ten at E7, Oh Pooh won eleven at E6, and Homasho won nine at W5.

On the one hand its nice when the Ozekis have secured KK, cause then they can fight straight up, but on the other hand, who apart from his women wants to see Kaio fight straight up, head down, backward, or inside out anymore?

If it wasnt the exact same beast as a henka, it could nonetheless reproduce with a henka.

Two things turned the quiet, well liked Shikoroyama-beya man into Dillinger.

If he ever figures it out, hell become, like grammarian Ken said, "Much more stronger." Tochinoshin shoved at Aminishiki until he leaned forward just enough so Shine could yank him down with those arms of his ("Right turn, Clyde.") as they both flew out.

The Fun Fact about this bout is Shneaky went down hard on his forehead right on the stiff roped tawara.

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