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And while we used to say ‘take care of the low hanging fruit’ ” — the security locks ripest for the picking — “now we say gather the fruit already on the ground.

Sadly, in the Equifax case, multiple parts of the breach were very simple things they didn’t secure correctly, elements in the systems left misconfigured or with default settings exposed that were easy to guess.” It’s no coincidence that BTB Security’s managed information security platform, named RADAR for Rapid Advanced Detection and Response — and its three-stage cybercrime fighting strategy, Detect, Defend, Defeat — have a whiff of law enforcement.

“Historically, the cybercrime coming from the Eastern bloc has been financially driven. 10 on the list.” War-terrorist strongholds such as Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan hardly figure at all in the cyberassault epidemic, “but as we introduce infrastructure and technology, that will lead them down the path to perpetuate computerized attacks,” he believes.

But from China, India and Japan, it’s more about stealing intellectual property, company secrets, pulling information about your business and products to better compete.” Given the recent revelations of geopolitical disruption, one might suspect that Russia would be No. The Accenture/Ponemon study found that “malicious attacks” from inside a company are the hardest to detect, taking an average of 50 days to mitigate.

Managing partner Schlecht completed a double major of criminal justice and computer science at Juniata College, class of 2000, and his first job out of school was as a cop in the same area, rural Huntingdon County, Pa.

“I quickly realized that small-town police work was not where I wanted to spend my career.

When we first studied online dating habits in 2005, most Americans had little exposure to online dating or to the people who used it, and they tended to view it as a subpar way of meeting people.So I started up this company, with two partners and in a bank account.And it’s been quite a ride.” In BTB’s initial “detect” phase of work with a client, Schlecht and colleagues take on the role of “white hat hackers” who worm their way into a company’s computer system, looking for openings. All we have to do is find one vulnerability, the foot into the organization’s door, and then continue to exploit that, elevating or accessing privileges and continuing the hack from there.“I’ve been living this, doing security for close to 20 years.” On the “bright” side, coping with the persistent efforts of global hackers aimed at businesses and home systems has become the new normal.Large advisory firms such as Deloitte and Pw C and technology firms such as IBM and Dell are players in the security business, along with general IT firms such as fellow Philly fastest growing 100 winners Total Technology Resources and Green Technology Services, which offer security as part of their “we’ll-be-your-IT-department” pitch.

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“People are finally realizing it’s OK to admit you had a breach,” Schlecht said.

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