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Attitudes change over time – for example, attitudes towards slavery, the rights of women and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. For example, wealthy young people in different countries connecting through social media may have more in common with each other than they do with poor or older people in their own country.Generally, we are so comfortable with our own culture and so consider what we do as 'normal' that we may not be aware of our biases, prejudices and inconsistencies.They investigate and compare how the eyes function, and learn how the Muslim scientist Ibn al-Haytham first connected pinhole cameras and the operation of eyes in the 10th century.Read more Students explore their own identity through examining their arrival, multiple identities and connections to place.They develop a positive sense of self and recognise commonalities and differences with others, cultivating respect.

Australia's Aid Human rights There are many international statements promoting the importance of cultural diversity, languages and multilingualism.They compare and contrast the ways in which ideas and art-making processes are used to communicate meaning in selected artworks.Read more Students examine the positive and negative effects of tourism in Australia and Bhutan using a case study and statistics to examine social, environmental and economic changes.Some people expect minority groups to assimilate or blend in completely, like a 'melting pot', with the dominant culture.Some people show appreciation of other cultures through sharing of visible aspects, such as food and festivals, known as multiculturalism.

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As we grow up and interact with our community, we become members of different groups and expand our understandings, values and behaviours.

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