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When Zhi Qiang and Hui Qi come into the love triangle, it becomes a battle worth fighting for.

On 7 August 2015, Nicholas came back from his "Long Vacation" after 8 months of continuous filming his idol dramas, "K Song Lover" and "Lady Maid Maid".

Scenes from Taiwanese drama, Smiling Pasta / 微笑 Pasta / Wei Hsiao Pasta (Wei Xiao Pasta).

Thereafter, he was approached and asked if he would sign up with a company as a back-up singer (backing vocalist, to harmonise with the lead vocalist), which Nicholas subsequently ignored, he returned to Malaysia without finishing his studies and participated in the singing competition "2002 Astro Talent Quest".

Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞) joined showbiz through The Voice 2 (超級巨聲2) in 2010 and lost to the champion, Mag Lam (林欣彤) by 0.2 marks.

He then signed a contract to become artiste but was always placed behind Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘) and Alfred Hui (許廷鏗) all along.

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