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Even Apple’s support feels halfhearted, splitting widget development tool Dashcode off from Xcode and updating it infrequently.When Mountain Lion emerged last summer, Apple yanked Dashboard from the Dock and relegated it to OS X’s backwaters with an unappealing backdrop (that default grayish image is called Pirelli, incidentally, which happens to be the name of an Italian tire company). It’s one of those eye-catching features I use to highlight Apple’s gesture controls when touting OS X to a Windows user.There’s no need to “launch” anything, because it’s already open.

(MORE: The Internet of Things: Hardware with a Side of Software) The web cutout is a custom piece you pull together using the scissors button in Safari’s toolbar.

Each morning I shuffle down a barely-lit hallway from my bedroom to my office, sit in front of a Mac Book Pro in the dark and swipe the trackpad using three fingers to haul the entire screen right like a presentation slide-transition effect. I get it using Apple‘s default weather widget, a basic proxy for The Weather Channel (“powered by Yahoo”).

The widget hovers over a drab, gray backdrop that looks like the grippy underside of a floor mat.

And I don’t blame him for gradually pulling support: Of Apple’s listed 3,896 total Dashboard widgets, I’m guessing only a handful are still being updated.

Ars wrote a piece last July calling OS X Dashboard a “ghost town,” well, because it .

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