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The widow of a New York police officer shot dead in an ambush has given birth to his child more than two years later.

His widow said that on the day she underwent the IVF procedure she dreamed about her husband handing her a baby girl.The city’s stockbrokers, bankers, real estate developers, merchants and hoteliers cared little about police corruption as long as the cops kept their boots firmly on the neck of organized labor and radical activists.The current police scandal does not seem to indicate a deeper systemic pattern of venality as was revealed in the corruption investigations by the Mollen Commission of the 1990s or the Knapp Commission in the 1970s.In 1894 the New York State Senate launched the first comprehensive investigation of corruption in the NYPD.The so-called Lexow Committee revealed to the city and nation in unprecedented detail just how deeply entangled the NYPD had become in managing and profiting from the city’s vice economy.

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Regular payments poured in from brothel keepers, counterfeiters, saloon-keepers, gamblers and others in the city’s demimonde.

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