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There are about 60 species of small flowering shrubs in the genus Deutzia. Most Deutzia are deciduous, but a few subtropical species are evergreen.The flowers are white in most species, but a few are pink or reddish. They are used as garden shrubs, and the smaller varieties can be grown as groundcovers or in containers.

The shoots are disposed in a graceful arching manner, and the flowers, which are borne in rounded clusters, are of a pretty blush-mauve tint when first expanded, but afterwards become almost white.

One of the most popular is Deutzia gracilis 'Nikko', which won the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Gold Medal Award in 1989.

Deutzia scabra varietals are valued for their double flowers.

The central cluster of yellow stamens forms a noticeable feature. Deutzia Myriantha - The massive flower clusters of this open early in June, the blooms each three-quarters of an inch wide and of snowy whiteness, save for the pale yellow stamens.

From the period at which it flowers this forms a valuable succession to those just named, while, in addition, it is perfectly hardy.

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