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The edit pattern describes the syntax of the user input.Given the pattern, the run-time application converts the user input into a raw value and then formats the value according to the display pattern.The radix character can be either a “.” (period) or “,” (comma) depending on the locale selected.Thousands separators (or grouping symbols) and currency symbols are not valid as part of the default value.

For example, if you are designing an interactive form, for each field you should define an edit pattern to process user input and a validation pattern to validate the input.

If you are creating a form to capture data, you can specify how data should be formatted.

You specify how the data should appear using a display pattern.

There are algorithms that will checksum a credit card number to ensure that it looks like a valid credit card number and not just a random 16 digit number. The result is a form that has a text field where the edit pattern allows user entry in one of three typical ways for typing a credit number, and the validation runs a script that validates that the number looks like a valid credit card number.

If bound data will be merged with a form, you can specify how the data should be formatted for display using a display pattern.

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