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Bashing us doesn’t show their daughters how to be confident about themselves.It doesn’t teach self-love, and it actually promotes self-hate.“They” made fun of our body structure and facial features, but now it’s one of the top cosmetic procedures.It seems as if everything related to our culture is viewed negatively until someone else does it.Society has painted a picture of us breeding multiple fatherless children and have low work ethic.Being the “angry black woman” is at the top of our description list at times, but as a black woman, people fail to realize there are some many things to be angry about.We do what we have to do in order to get by and survive. We demonstrate strength, leadership, and adaptability every single day.

There is a third suspect named Rodney Cooper, and he has been arrested for his involvement.

You’re not the statistic they thought you would be. Love on a black woman today, and be proud of your skin color.

Police in Florida are on the hunt for two men who have been accused of kidnapping and raping a woman in order to “teach her a lesson” about dating black men.

Truth is, we are are winning, and it’s time others recognize that as well.

We have more to offer than most are willing to admit.

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