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Reflecting on these experience I felt a bit perplexed, so I typed “Indian Men” into Google.Up popped a couple of sites linking me to “Hot Men” lists, and of course the obligatory dating site where I could find Indian men.After having arranged to meet someone (platonic or romantic) I generally turn up alone, or if I have reservations I may have a friend politely bid their farewells when they are comfortable the person I am meeting is not a criminal. He had a quick wit and a gorgeous smile, I would have liked to have spent some time getting to know him without a chaperone.We may meet up again and I sincerely hope we do (unless of course he reads this and becomes terrified of me).In my opinion, if they had to go out and attract a woman entirely on their own (and assuming she had unfettered free will and choice in the matter), they would be less likely to indulge in these behaviours. In years past I have come to India for work, and in my current stay in Delhi I am living with family and am privy to another side of India.Whilst the professional men that I have met don’t have the more distasteful personal habits, I do still find them very difficult to understand.This denigrates the Indian man into something only marginally short of a sloth and depresses me even further. Then this one in Tehelka that essentially blames parenting styles, and mothers in particular, for molly-coddling their sons.I have to say, I have seen many examples of this and it really does exist however it is not limited to Indian men, with many western men also relying on their mothers to look after them into adulthood.

The men I have observed undertaking this behaviour tend to be of lesser socio-economic means, and in my rudimentary understanding of the intricacies of Indian culture, I believe they are more likely to have an arranged marriage.I think it is easy to blame the mother for men’s shortcomings, but there seems to be a contradiction between this argument and the first article on the level of violence towards women.I am not a psychologist, and perhaps there is a link here but I can’t see it.As I am traveling, I most often come across the average man on the street, like the stall owner or rickshaw driver.I must admit that after a few weeks of observing him I found myself almost completely repulsed by men.

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