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During the second season we all lived very close to one another in downtown Calgary. Wed work together all day, come home only to head out for dinner or a game of football toss in the park.

I do miss those times, but now I have moved out into the country and have animals to care for, so it is not as easy to get together after a long workday.

Julian Richings is incredible at playing a "scary character".

It made acting with him so easy because I generally believed he was his character by his performance. It was harder then most because we had to film during the night in order to get the "spooky look".

The horses on set are working just as hard as any of us humans and in my opinion they don't get enough credit.

The main animal character on the show is a black Quarter-Horse named Spartan. We always have to laugh on set when Spartan is sleeping in the barn as we set up a shot, and then as soon as we roll the cameras he is alert and on his mark.

Heartland films every year from May until mid December, and then we all have January until late April off.

I enjoy that saying and I feel that in many cases, it is all about a person's ability to see through the exterior of their partner.Whether that partner is a human, horse or something beyond, the logic remains the same.If your partner un-doughtily loves and respects you (as most horses regard their owner) then loyalty is a given.For a week we would come to work at 5pm and work until the morning light.From day one, Graham Wardle (Ty) and Kerry James (Caleb) and I became great friends.

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It keeps it interesting and exciting and gives Amy a new problem each week.

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