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Use trusts Trusts generally avoid probate, so your assets can be distributed efficiently.

However, if you leave your wealth to your current spouse outright, there’s nothing to prevent him or her from spending it all or leaving it to a new spouse, effectively disinheriting your children.

The user interface changes from v6 have been kept minimal and upgrading from v6 will be an easy process. You can enter your purchased v6 to v7 upgrade license key directly into your Macrium Reflect v6 installation.

This process will automatically upgrade your v6 key without you having to type it in again in the installer.

Even though your former spouse will be obligated to act in your children’s best interests and will be supervised by a court, he or she will have considerable discretion over how your assets are invested and used.

To avoid this situation, consider establishing trusts for the benefit of your minor children.

Both of these files are similar in that they each are temporary start pages for your domains stating that "This domain name has just been registered." There are many different types of file names that can be used for the start page of your website.

If you have more than one of these file names in your web space, one may take priority over another one resulting in the wrong page being displayed when viewing your website.

And if you have children from each marriage, juggling their interests can be a challenge. Take inventory Have you updated your will, trusts and beneficiary designations to name your current spouse where desired?Please note: Customs and Excise clients’ needs to visit their nearest SARS Customs branch as registering or changing of banking details can’t be done on e Filing.A completed DA185 – Application form: Registration/Licensing of Customs and Excise and applicable supporting documents must be submitted at a branch.For example, do you want to provide for all children equally?Will you favor biological children over stepchildren?

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