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This wasn't the first time Hellyer made public statements about his belief in aliens.

In 2005, he asked the Canadian government to hold public hearings on ETs (extraterrestrials).

A mix of possible telltale giveaways include: It seems impractical to be able to identify someone as a Reptilian based on webbed feet, since some humans have this characteristic, as well as skin rashes, keen hearing/eyesight, and sensitivity to cold/hot temperatures.

You might be able to suspect a Reptilian alien if you saw a forked tongue, but some humans have undergone tongue splitting surgery for personal reasons.

Certainly one of the greys or reptilians would be too easy to spot in a crowd at the mall.

However, in the ufology culture there are said to be many humanoid types of aliens.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas might be very true of Tall Whites, according to eyewitness reports.

There are others said to have hypnotic abilities or technology that allows them to camouflage themselves as humans.

Obviously, any alien disguised as a human would need to be fairly human looking.

Psychic channeler Charlie Kundallini revealed Tall Whites love Las Vegas, and you will often see them in the casinos, conferences, and theaters there.

The story doesn't say why so many Tall Whites are drawn to Vegas, however.

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