Intimidating words that start with p

Skull came from an Old Norse word similar to “skoltr” which meant “the bald thing”. It was originally called a “reremouse” because it looked like a mouse with leathery wings.

Quake comes from the Old English word “cwacian” which means “to shake” or “to tremble”.

If it’s P words that you’re having trouble with, then our list of words starting with a P is sure to be a very welcome source of information.

You can scan through it to find the words that you need by scrolling through the suggestions below.

painstaking: done with or employing great care and thoroughness.evidence Through this article, you can learn about new adjectives that you can apply in everyday communication or in writing.Corpse came from the Latin “corpus” which meant “body”.Skeleton comes from the Greek “skeleton” which means “the dried-up thing”.Witch came from the Old English word “wicce” which meant “one who practices magic”, but it probably originally came from a verb similar to “wise” meaning “to know”.Necromancer comes from the Greek word “nekros” which means “dead person”.

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