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Microsoft released the patch for MS017-10, the vulnerability that Wanna Cry exploited, on March 14—two months before it tore across the world.

The problem goes beyond customers being reluctant to install patches.

In fact, there is a Top 20 list of worst Microsoft Windows automatic update meltdowns.

Patches break things because—among other reasons—it’s impossible for a vendor to test against every possible configuration.

The result is that many systems go unprotected as the risk being exploited is traded off with the risk of patching.

As of January, more than 200,000 websites were still vulnerable to Heartbleed, a critical bug that emerged three years ago.

Microsoft has tried different incentives, including 0 off coupons for newer Windows versions and deceptively forcing users to download Windows 10 upgrades, but they have not been enough to unseat the persistence and ubiquity of XP.

Wanna Cry should be a massive wake-up call for any organization or person who is running XP or tends to be very late to patch.

Everyone should be asking these questions: How often do we patch? That may have protected some customers who were not yet affected by Wanna Cry, but it left the company in an awkward spot. National Health Service was not a premium Microsoft customer.) Microsoft cannot be expected to take on the costly process of supporting this software forever, but it most certainly cannot have it both ways.Naturally when things are this complicated, they can go wrong—really wrong.In 2014, Apple released the i OS 8.0.1 update, which inadvertently disabled the cellular connection and disabled Touch ID.Wanna Cry, the ransomware attack that swept the globe last Friday, used an approach that was clever even by ransomware standards. One of them was a vulnerability in the Windows Server Message Block service, which has been used to create quickly propagating worms. Microsoft had released a patch for the vulnerability back in March, but only for the operating systems it still supported (Windows Vista and above), leaving Windows XP—which is still used by massive numbers of people and was exploited by Wanna Cry—off the list.This spring, the Shadow Brokers group leaked exploit techniques used by the U. It’s tempting to be critical here, as many commentators have been.

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