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A good example is a maid calling her master "Taro-sama" (Taro is used as a Japanese generic name. Thus a boss can address a junior male employee as -kun, but the employee will address the boss as Kacho, or maybe -san or -sama, depending on the situation.Nothing to do with Taro Hanaukyo (花右京太郎 Hanaukyō Tarō), a character from Hanaukyo Maid Team :) ). -chan (ちゃん): An informal version of "san" used to address children and female family members.However, not all young men show the maturity and knowlege that results in them being called 'senpai'.Senpai can be addressed as either -kun or -san depending upon their age and their relationship with the one addressing them. That is to say, not all -sama are sensei, but all sensei are -sama.A person may be addressed with the "-san" suffix if the speaker does not know the subject well, but the speaker does not wish to be rude to the subject, or when the subject has a higher social rank than the speaker. (Well, some people can be offended by anything, but that is a different issue.) -san is used for both males and females.Girls become -san when entering high school, boys become -san when leaving high school. Kesuke Miyagi (Karate Kid 1984) -sama (様) Sama is used as a polite term of address to someone noticeably older or of higher status than yourself.

It is extremely common for familial names to be used for all categories of people.

Children under about 10 years of age are "-chan", -chan continues to be used as a term of endearment, especially for girls, into adulthood.

Parents will probably always call their daughters -chan and their sons -kun.

-dono, as well as the standalone titles Dono and O-dono (お殿) are much higher status than -sama.

(-san is a contraction of -sama, by the way, both are relatively modern words). Like -san, it is used to denote respect for someone. Sometimes it is used to refer to one's own or another person's mother (母上 (haha-ue)) or father (父上 (chichi-ue)).

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