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At first, Alexis pushes him away, not interested in a relationship, but slowly she falls for him, as well.Ric is Sonny's half-brother, and is aware that Kristina is actually Sonny's daughter.Chloe eventually loses her company, and Alexis and Jax divorce.She reluctantly accepts Ned's proposal, and the two plan a massive wedding.Sonny also learned he had a sister, Courtney Matthews, and Courtney and Kristina both noticed the deepening bond between Alexis and Sonny. Ned, who is dating Kristina, claims to be the father.Kristina learns the truth, but is critically injured in a warehouse explosion meant for Sonny, and decides to keep her sister's secret before dying.Jason and Sam insist that Manny is faking and that things will end badly, but Alexis refuses to heed their warnings and successfully gets Manny acquitted.Ironically, Jason and Sam's warnings prove true when Manny reverts to his old ways by kidnapping Elizabeth Webber.

This results in the death of Sam's mentally handicapped older brother Danny, which only increases Sam's animosity towards Alexis.After Sonny is arrested, Alexis convinces him to marry her enemy Carly Roberts so that she would be unable to testify against him. Alexis is able to get Sonny to reverse the decision, and Sonny realizes how much Alexis means to him.She and Sonny bonded over their mutually complicated relationships, and their affection for troubled teen Zander Smith. That night, Sonny and Alexis make love, which is witnessed by his ex-wife, Carly.Ric and Alexis' marriage grows strained after she finds out Ric knew about Kristina. Alexis and Ric grow apart, and Ric sleeps with FBI Agent Reese Marshall.They reunite, though, when Kristina is kidnapped, and later rescued. However, they reunite when Alexis gives birth to Ric's daughter, Molly Lansing.

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Upon learning of her deception, Stefan banishes her from his life.

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