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Suddenly you’re sleepwalking through the same date, but with a different person, and it shows.(Plus the waitstaff is probably tired of listening to your stories of that one time you did stand-up or momentarily lost the family dog.) And although first dates often involve alcohol, they certainly don’t have to.Plus: Your Summer Bucket List: 25 Places You Simply Must Hook Up In To wit, let me share some assorted observations from a recent run at sundown.An especially productive five-minute period yielded the following: Plus: 50 Places To Make Out Before You Die And I do solemnly swear that all of that actually happened.I remember expressing great concern over the fact that his kids were growing up without a proper backyard. My only disclaimer would be this: the place is absolutely crawling with blissful couples.

Years ago, I remember speaking with a friend whose family had transplanted to New York City from my small hometown in Colorado.And dinner anywhere can feel like too much, too soon when you haven’t even hugged yet.Because online dating has lost much of its stigma in the past decade — and singles are making plans with people they know little about — first dates have gotten more casual.But about a year ago, I realized my favorite spots had become haunted: I’d been on so many dates there that my mind wandered from the man in front of me to other, better first dates in the same location, with someone else who was long out of the picture.When you go somewhere so often, it’s easy to contract first-date fatigue.

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Being thrifty is an integral part of the park-going experience. Bring portable speakers and a deck of playing cards.

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