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This is closely linked to the issues surrounding gaming.Even if you can get your favorite games up and running, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to control the on-screen action using your existing peripherals.But look at it this way: Windows 10 is now running on half a billion devices. For technically skilled people, the bugs might not be a problem; they have enough knowledge to self-diagnose and fix the problems themselves.For regular casual users, having to troubleshoot Linux would be a disaster.

Do you really want to spend hours fiddling with commands, repos, and sources, just to get online? For someone coming from the plug-and-play world of Windows, even something as simple as installing a program requires research. A true Linux operating system is never finished, things are always breaking and need fixing.I’m not knocking the people that work on such drivers; they’re largely doing a great job.But the truth is they’re often incomplete or lacking features.In a best-case situation, a Linux developer will have reverse-engineered support for them. And I’m not just talking about the layout of the desktop or where to find various settings — a new user can get up to speed on that stuff in a few days.The peripherals problem also extends way beyond gaming. I’m talking about using the operating system day-to-day.

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But for regular home users who just want a PC that works, it’s an untenable situation.

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