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Kenny Ortega, a choreographer who had trained with none other than Gene Kelly, landed the job of creating the steps for the film's dance sequences.13.Despite its upstate New York setting, the movie was shot in the South.Of course, the movie gave him a huge career boost, culminating in his 12-year starring role as Det. The movie's success ultimately led to Bishop's long-running role as Lauren Graham's imperious mother on TV 's "Gilmore Girls."10.Bergstein wanted to cast her friend, Dr Ruth, as purse-swiping Mrs Schumacher, and Joel Grey as her husband, but the sex therapist backed out when she learned she was being asked to play a thief. Honi Coles, who played the bandleader at Kellerman's resort, was himself a legendary tap dancer.12.Patrick Swayze wasn't the first choice to play Johnny.At 34, he was also about 10 years older than Johnny was supposed to be.

C., and indoor scenes were shot at a resort in Mountain Lake, Va.She made only a couple more movies, including "Stealing Home" and "Bloodhounds of Broadway." She blamed "Dirty Dancing" for typecasting her as a shrill and ridiculous comic character.20.Emile Ardolino went on to make other music- and dance-themed films, including "Sister Act," "The Nutcracker," and a TV movie version of "Gypsy." He died of complications from AIDS in 1993.Choreographer Ortega went on to become a director known for music- and dance-themed projects as well, including all three installments of "High School Musical" and Michael Jackson's concert rehearsal film "This Is It."21.Lonny Price, who played Neal, the snooty Kellerman nephew, went on to become a celebrated Broadway director.22.

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