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Accounts differ over their conduct towards Native Americans in the region, but it is agreed that after exploring the surrounding area and skirmishes wth the local population, the group returned to the ship and continued exploring the coastline.

Amid the harsh winter and many of their number suffering from disease, the group contracted to the ship before settling on a site in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where they began building their colony.

Wordsworth wrote that 200 years ago, but he could have written it yesterday.

In an age of Black Berrys and e-mails, i Pods and Xboxes, we find ourselves disconnected and adrift, in need of renewal and healing in a world that is "too much with us." But how does one step off the grid of modern life and reconnect with the spiritual?

Retreats require that we set aside only the deadlines and obligations that besiege our daily lives.

Anne Luther, director of Retreats International, a nonprofit organization representing more than 350 largely Catholic retreat centers, sees retreats as a starting point for a pursuit of peace and contentment. Even the smallest yearning for meaning is appealing to some kind of hunger in people.

She says she just "woke up" and thought, Where was my religious experience?

Meals are served cafeteria-style with options for vegetarians, a full salad bar, and different entrées every day.

Spiritual seeking is all about listening to that hunger," she says.

If so, there are a lot of hungry travelers out there: according to Luther, some 2.5 million North Americans went on a spiritual retreat last year through her organization.

"They told me they prayed and read the Bible every day and, when they needed to talk to God, He was there." Thomas joined a centering prayer group and found that sitting with others also trying to open themselves to God gave her support and inspiration.

Encouraged, she began going on group retreats, including two weekends at Bon Secours Spiritual Center in Marriottsville, Maryland, which she found through

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An ecumenical center, Bon Secours is run by the Catholic order the Sisters of Bon Secours and is set amid 313 acres of rolling hills and hiking trails.

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  1. She includes everyone who needs and wants to work, they all have a chance and get the most important teaching of all: there is also beauty in imperfection, beauty in every process, beauty in every stitch.

  2. Cram's personal papers on the subject were withdrawn from public view by the CIA when I began to research the issue. In addition, I consulted the work of Christopher Andrew, semi-official historian of the British services and custodian of the Mitrokhin archive, the most complete collection of Soviet intelligence files available in the West.