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Swollen sacs containing airs are found under the surface of the skin, and when inflated, these lifting the creature upon drafts unseen, whence to espy suitable prey.Sage Knowledge (47 of 78): Dalmasca Westersand: One of the vast deserts of the Dalmascan region situated to the west of Rabanastre.To expect anything less from such a bone would be to forget the awesome might of the tyrant from whence it came.

Perhaps you'll think twice before killing certain foes once you're aware of their tragic past, or appreciate the beauty of the landscape in a particular locale a bit more upon learning of its history.Rife with all manner of monstrous beasts, it regularly plays host to hunts organized within the city.What settlements there are line the banks of the River Nebra, a vibrant blue vein running through the heart of the sands, wherein can be found ferries for the conveyance of travelers and goods across her flow.Please do not contact me asking such questions, because you will not get a response.Personally, I find the amount of background provided for nearly everything in FFXII to be very interesting reading, and no doubt there are plenty of others who do, as well (and plenty who don't, I'm sure).

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