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A library using the Cutter-Sanborn system can have D548d indicate David Copperfield by Dickens (where D stands for the D of Dickens, 548 stands for "ickens" and d stands for David Copperfield). The classification of works in broad categories by logical abridgment, even when more specific numbers are available, e.g., the use of 641.5 Cooking instead of 641.5972 Mexican cooking for a cookbook of Mexican recipes.

See also Authorization; Discontinuation; Relocation. The accidental placement of works on the same subject in two different class numbers.Topics that do not approximate the whole are said to be in "standing room" in the number.See also Class-here note; Standard-subdivisions-are-added note; Standing room.The entry is called "centered" because the span of numbers appears in the center of the page in the print version of the DDC rather than in the number column on the left side of the page.Centered entries are identified by the symbol The order in which two or more characteristics (facets) of a class are to be combined in number building.

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Topics identified in class-here notes, even if broader or narrower than the heading, are said to "approximate the whole" of the number; therefore, standard subdivisions may be added for topics in class-here notes.

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