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In the seven river basin unearthed more than 630 pieces of headstones among the Syriac Nestorians, at least seven tombstone inscriptions indicate the tomb of place of origin as "Almaliq", showed Nestorians zhetysu with Almaliq has close contact.

From the language point of view, 13-14 century, seven River in ancient Turkic medieval Turkic transition.

By analyzing the inscription shows, tombstone owner is Nestorian Christians.

These people mostly Turkic tribes, most died of 13-14 centuries.

According Shiwoersen calculations, the 300 men, 120 served as a certain position in the church.

Yuan, Almaliq was one of the central activities of Nestorian date headstones were found more than 30 pieces.

According to the "Marco Polo", from the east of Kashgar until Beijing, along the road are everywhere Nestorian believers, churches throughout China, such as Mongolia, Gansu, Shanxi, Yunnan, Hejian, Fuzhou, Hangzhou, Changshu, Yangzhou, Zhenjiang, place.

However, several secular instruments unearthed in Dunhuang written by not only Christians, but also referred to the Christians, including priests and monks.Mid-14th century, with the Turkic tribes proselytizing Islam, Nestorian tended to annihilation.Through the study of archaeological data and literature data shows that everyday language zhetysu medieval Christians mainly Turkic dialect, and in the missionary situation is mainly used Syriac, but not the mainstream of the local Syriac language; local families generally have Christ Christians, in addition to the missionaries, believers also include other professionals, such as officers and teachers; Christian Yuan zhetysu with the Mainland of China has maintained close contact, reflecting the mutual contact and interaction.Chagatai was closed Chagatai Khanate, ruled the region include Ma Wala area (Mawara un-nahr, more history known as the "River Area"), zhetysu and the Tarim Basin.1244, Chagatai died Khanate increasingly unstable, early 14th century, split into two parts, the western called "Ma Lanna children" east known as the "Mogul Stan children." Our understanding of the Central Asian Nestorianism, generally based on the following data: First description Nestorian and Syrian Eastern Churches Syriac, Arabic literature; the second is Muslim geographers and historians of the book; third is Christ and Central Asia Christians have been in contact with travelers reports; Fourth Syriac discovered in Xinjiang, China, Sogdian, Uighur language literature; five cultural relics archaeological discoveries; the Sixth Central Syriac Christians left tombstone inscriptions.

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