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So I'm asking you, why you're putting the fucking fish stock on the fucking risotto?! Gordon: [sees Jessica's pan catching fire] Oh, fuck's sake! Because two individuals let me down here tonight, you (Jimmy) were one of them and you (Jessica) were the other one. (to Jean-Philippe) Tell the customers, I'm closing the place down. Gordon: I'm not going to agonise the pain any longer and if you think I'm going to stand here for the next hour, busting a gut, to get the filet, to get the halibut, then to get the veg, then to get the chicken without the sauce, then to get the sauce without the chicken, BANG! (the remaining chefs groan) Yeah, and I'm going to tell you why I'm going to shut it down, okay? (to Jean-Philippe) How many tables have walked out? I'm, I'm, I'm--I'm dying to understand what's going through your FUCKING MIND!

Let me tell you something, [takes off his apron and throws it at Tom] Here you go!

And from the red team, come back with someone that's leaving.

I cannot believe you're actually attempting to fucking win a restaurant! By the time you get back in here, from the blue team, nominate someone that's going tonight.

And do you know the most important thing about tonight's service?

And do you know the most exciting thing for me from a chef's point of view?

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