Updating dsl firmware

Click the SAVE Button to save the setting that you have changed.

You may need to power off the headset after unplugging it to save the changed setting. Click the NEXT Button to return to the WELCOME menu.

Thus, you can have a D3 with a 20xxxxx serial number no matter where in the world you bought it (curiously, the D5 reverts back to the regional numbering system).

The same scheme often applies to lenses, though most US lenses are prefaced with the letters US these days and some recent lenses have longer serial numbers.

Initial production of a product was almost always a two-digit variant of that with the second digit being zero (e.g. In a few cases, Nikon has used digits outside a region when production exceeds 999,999 units (see Note in next paragraph, though).

The latest gear is much more complicated in how serial numbers are used.

Please note that the firmware update process will take about 10 minutes.

We have been upgrading our 4G mobile network by adding additional spectrum for you to use (L2100 4G).

The app will prompt you for login details for your device.

Here is how to update the firmware on your Sena headset. Visit to download the Sena Device Manager for Windows (click on 32-bit or 64-bit for specific PC) or the Sena Device Manager for Mac. Install the Sena Device Manager once the program has been downloaded. After following the necessary steps for installing the program, you will see the WELCOME menu of the Sena Device Manager. Press NEXT Button in the lower right corner to go to the DEVICE RECOGNITION menu. Follow the necessary steps to have your Sena headset recognized by the Sena Device Manager.

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For example, with the D7100, Nikon started using the 25xxxxx code for the first US bodies.

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