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A source at the hotel said it had been raining at the time and recent downpours had swelled the fast-flowing river and made the current stronger.

They said: 'Steven had been here for about two weeks.'That morning he was happy, floating with the inflatable air bags.

People should be allowed to “black up” to raise money for charity without fear of police reprisals, the interim leader of the UK Independence Party has told activists.

Delivering his final speech, Steve Crowther said people should be able to paint their faces black and dress up as the Jamaican bobsleigh team from without risking prosecution, referring to a recent case probed by police.

In August, a group of men in Wales were accused of racism after painting their faces and dressing up as the Jamaican team in the film reported.

“The advantage for police forces is there is no need for any evidence to be produced to record a hate incident.

Police arrived a short time later and recovered the body some 10 metres from the guesthouse.A Kompat Police Station statement said: 'The incident was reported at 9.40am on 13 July 2017.The foreign male Steven Griffiths, male, born on June 11, 1996, British, drowned at Kampot river at the guest house named High Tide.He moved there recently.'We just had the news today and we're really sad.Steven was a great guy.'He had been working here for about three months.

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