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As my colleague Jon Wertheim once wrote about the analyst: "Her bold, 'I don't care who might be chapped by what I'm about to say approach' separated her from too many of her colleagues." Deluged with e-mails on the subject of Carillo's departure, Wertheim dropped an interesting line in a , saying there was a "philosophical difference" between Carillo and ESPN, and that she left the network on her own accord.It doesn't take a leap to surmise that the philosophical difference rested in Carillo believing the tone and tenor of ESPN's coverage was closer to cheerleading than reporting.It was a surreal end for a broadcaster who elevated ESPN's tennis coverage to new heights. Author James Miller, whose book on the history of ESPN comes out next April, echoed what many tennis fans are likely feeling this week: "ESPN begins Australian Open coverage tomorrow without Mary Carillo," Miller tweeted.

The affable Fernandez also draws a salary from being Fed Cup captain, where the Williams sisters' commitment is often the key to winning or losing. The sport's television entities have long fostered a climate where players are subjected to questions about as soft as a Francesca Schiavone drop shot. tennis wag joked to me while watching the coverage, "We now go to Mrs.The world's best tennis players are in Australia this week. Mary Carillo quietly left ESPN last year during the middle of the U. Open, leaving the network with one year remaining on her contract.best game analyst of the 2000s for excelling in a sport that far too often soft-pedals commentary because of the many conflicts of interests and relationships.They married 1983 for only 15 years to him, they broke their relation in 1998.The couple has 2 children together named are Anthony on August 8, 1987, and Rachel October 5, 1991.

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